Boat Stickers are available from Kirkpatrick Management Company. Contact Joe Winship at for more information. Is your boat one of the unregistered boats still floating around on Woodland Lake. All boats that use the lake must have an official Woodland Springs boat registration sticker. If you see a boat without an ‘Official Orange decal” please contact Joe Winship, Michael Burton or Kevin Graham Lake Directors. Only registered boats to Woodland Springs homeowners are permitted to use Woodland Lake.

ATTN: Carmel First Responders Specific Response Registry documents are available on the “button” located on the right side of this page. This is a new and vitally important service of the Carmel Fire and Police Departments. Please read the information found in the attachment. There is also a Page on the left with a link to the City of Carmel’s website where the forms are also available.

volunteer registration form available on the tab to the right of this page > > >

Volunteers are needed for the social and community events in the neighborhood - if you want social and community events to happen for all ages in woodland springs, please sign up today. without volunteers to help plan and Host the program(s), the event(s) will have to be cancelled for lack of volunteer support and/or lack of interest from homeowners. Support your neighborhood activities and become a volunteer that helps make a difference for all residents of woodland springs. Giving a few hours of time is priceless. . .be a volunteer!!!!!

advisory committees are being formed. Read the information under “Advisory Committee Information” posted Under “Pages”. Become a Volunteer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .