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Annual Assessment Mailing - If you did not receive your Annual Assessment please contact Kirkpatrick Management Company.

Details outlining the annual assessment payment which is due on  May 1 will be included in a mailing that will be sent out on or before April 1, 2018.  If you do not receive a statement from Kirkpatrick Management Company by April 5, please contact Joe Winship at the address listed below.  Beginning on May 1, 2018, homeowners may elect to pay the annual assessment of $750.00 either annually or on a semi-annual payment schedule . . . May 1 and November 1.  Late fees will be charged and interest accrued if either the annual or semi-annual payment(s) are more than thirty (30) days past due.  

Contact information for Kirkpatrick Management Company:

When emailing Joseph Winship please "cc" Diane Arnett.  Diane is the Woodland Springs Customer Service Representative and is in the KMC office daily, Monday - Friday to receive your telephone calls and emails.  Diane will route your call or email to Joe Winship or another staff member of KMC as quickly as possible.  Joseph Winship manages a number of HOA communities besides Woodland Springs.  He also serves as a Regional Property Manager for KMC and directs a staff of associate property managers throughout central Indiana.  Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for a response  to your telephone calls, emails, questions or concerns.  

Joseph Winship,  Property Manager                          Email:                    

Diane Arnett, Customer Service Representative      Email:

Kirkpatrick Management Company                      5702 Kirkpatrick Way                                    Indianapolis, IN 46220                                                    Office:  317-570-5347                                              Toll Free:  800-899-6652                                                Website:




Check out the new page:  WOODLAND SPRINGS BOOK CLUB for information on the book club and reading list.  It's listed under Homeowner Information.

CLUBHOUSE RENTAL INFORMATION is listed on the Homeowner Information Page and the Rental Agreement Form is on the HOA Documant Page.  Please refer to the Calendar listed under Clubhouse Rental Information for rental date availability


Watercraft registration will be open from May 1 - June 15.  Please register your watercraft as soon as possible.  See form listed on HOMEOWNER INFORMATION PAGE.

To learn more about the waterfowl and other birds visiting the lake and the neighborhood visit:

The Lake Directors,  Jeff Miller, Michael Burton and the Lake Advisory Committee, are working with the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District Conservationist, Ginger Davis to develop conservation plans for the lake. Look for further updates as the plans develop.  Ginger is also available for consultation for homeowners who live on the lake if they have environmental concerns, questions about how to improve their lakefront, etc.
Ginger Davis, LPG Conservation Administrator
Hamilton County
Soil and Water Conservation District
1717 Pleasant Street, Suite 100                  Noblesville, IN 46060
Office: (317) 773-2181

Enjoy the islands and Woodland Lake. Stay safe and do watch the new trees grow!!!  Please keep both islands a safe place for all to enjoy.  If you suspect illegal activity occurring on either island, please report it to the Carmel Police Department at 911 or contact any member of the Board of Directors.