You may have noticed several work trucks at the clubhouse...workers were from EverDry Indy Waterproofing Company installing exterior and basement perimeter drainage system and sump pump systems and their E-Z Breathe ventilation system in the crawl space.  Over many years, water has been allowed to penetrate the block walls of both the basement and crawl space resulting in water damage.  Carpenters from Kirkpatrick Management company are in the process of replacing rotted siding and sill plate on the north side of the Game Room prior to the trench for the perimeter drain being backfilled.  They also have to repair rotted wood under the north windows of the Great Room.  This work was a "must do" to prevent further damage to the clubhouse.  KMC maintenance is also removing the old tile in the basement and furnace room, prepping the basement walls and floors for a fresh coat of paint and installing a door between the furnace room and crawl space where there was never one before.