Residents and guests of Woodland Springs are welcome to enjoy the 46.24 acres of spring-fed lake, which is a community treasure.   Man, wind, and electric powered watercraft are welcome.  Gasoline or Diesel powered watercraft are strictly prohibited.

2016 Lake Survey

In 2016, the WS Board elected to conduct a survey of Woodland Lake.  The previous survey was conducted in 1984 and a lot has changed in 20 plus years.

The survey, which was conducted by Aquatic Control, was designed:

  • To understand the health of our ecosystem and erosion impact
  • To identify, plan, and budget for any corrective actions that may be required to protect and preserve our neighborhood asset

Woodland Lake Bathymetric Map

For residents who would like to have a poster or print made of the Bathymetric Map (preview below), you can access the large image file below (67 MB).   The image file will support large format printing.

 Bathymetric Map

Bathymetric Map


WATERCRAFT Storage (Common Areas)

Residents are welcome to store their registered watercraft at either of our private beach areas.  See reference red pins on map. Homeowners are responsible for securing their watercraft.  The neighborhood is not responsible for watercraft theft or damage.

Watercraft Registration

Lake Woodland is a private lake to be used by Woodland Springs residents.  All watercraft used on the lake must be registered and tagged with a Woodlands Springs registration sticker. 

This process and updated registration stickers (2018) helps the HOA to preserve this important community asset and personal property of our residents.

Registration Process (7 - 10 Days)

  1. Complete the registration form below, which allows residents to register multiple watercraft
  2. Completed registrations are routed to and verified by our management company (Kirkpatrick)
  3. Watercraft registrations are assigned by lot number (residents with multiple watercraft will have the same registration number)
  4. Watercraft registration stickers will be mailed to residents within 7 - 10 business days
  5. Residents need to affix the registration sticker to the port side bow of each watercraft (left side, facing forward)

Watercraft Registration Form

Name *
Address *
Prefered Phone Number *
Prefered Phone Number
Watercraft registration numbers are assigned to the property lot number not the watercraft. Each watercraft is required to have a registration sticker.
Please describe each watercraft you are registering, e.g. canoe, pontoon, paddle boat, john boat, etc.
Identify the manufacturer of each watercraft being registered
Identify the dominate color(s) for each watercraft being registered.
Identify the serial number (if available) for each watercraft being registered
Where will your boat or watercraft be stored?
Require a Gate Key? *
Will you need access to the watercraft launch ramp located behind the clubhouse?