Contract for new pool has been signed!!!

After weeks of  contract negotiations  between R L Turner Construction and Woodland Springs, Inc a binding contract agreement was signed on March 15, 2018.  With the signing of the contract, R L Turner may now apply for the required building permits.  Once these permits are granted then on site preparation work can begin.  The first thing you'll notice will be the erection of a 6 ft chain link construction fence.  Then machinery will arrive, site preparation will begin and demolition of the old pool will take place.  More details will be sent to each homeowner in the April 1 mailing from Kirkpatrick Management with you annual assessment statement.  Look for the mailing and if you don't receive an envelope in the mail by April 6, please contactl Kirkpatrick Management Company or email the Board of Directors using the form found on this website.


Woodland Springs Board Accepts Bid for new pool

After several additional information requests by the City of Carmel and the State of Indiana, the new pool design was approved.  Aquatic & Recreation Design released the Woodland Springs Pool Project on January 15, 2018 at the website for contractors to review and bid.  February 15th was the deadline for submission of sealed private* bids. After a thoroughly review of all bids by Aquatic & Recreation Design and Woodland Springs, Inc Board of Directors a contract was awarded.  A Letter to Proceed was issued to the contractor awarded the bid.    The next step is to have a contract developed and signed upon by both the contractor and the Board of Directors. 

*(Private bids are different than public bids which many are familiar.  Woodland Springs is not a government agency, thus the reason our bids were classified as "Private" and the reason the bid amount is not disclosed until a contract is executed between the construction firm and Woodland Springs, Inc.)

As a timeline is developed by the contractor, the board will post updates on the website.  It is hoped, but not guaranteed that the new pool will be completed by August 1, 2018.  There are varying circumstances which will determine the completion date.  Weather, of course, is one of the major factors influencing the construction progress or delays.

The Board is most appreciative of the work which the Pool Advisory Committee has done to help define the type of pool which the majority of Woodland Springs homeowners requested.  These include an “8 ft deep end” as well as a dedicated lap lane for lap swimming during pool hours.  The concrete decking will be enlarged for more seating and lounging areas.  The pool Is being built to provide many, many years of enjoyment by all who live In Woodland Springs neighborhood.  

The Woodland Springs Board of Directors along with members of PAC (Pool Advisory Committee) are researching pool options for homeowners to use while our community pool is under construction.  All further updates will be posted to this website as more information becomes available.  

Landscape Removed from Pool Exterior

Maybe you noticed some activity around the exterior of the Woodland Springs pool last week.  Ergon Landscaping began the process of removing the old plantings in preparation for the construction of the new pool.  Watch for construction fences to be erected in early 2018 as we near demolition time for the old pool.  When construction begins, please remember that homeowners should direct questions and/or concerns to the Woodland Springs, Inc Board of Directors and not to the construction workers.